VIP Mama

To all mommies!
Become a MokaTonka ambassador and receive a pair of our MokaTonka moccasins for free!

What advantages are there to becoming a VIP Mommy?

You receive a pair of our MokaTonka moccasins for free, when you sell 8 pairs. To support you, you can use/share all our existing pictures we have on Instagram and Facebook. You will receive your personal discount code which you can attach to your posts. All of your followers will receive 5% discount on any product they buy in the MokaTonka online shop. When you have sold 8 pairs, these orders will be tracked back to your account and you will be rewarded with a free pair of moccasins.

How to become a VIP Mommy? Get in touch with us! At Instagram, Facebook or Email. The code word is: VIP Mommy. The Email address is For those of you who share our beliefs, passion and enthusiasm for MokaTonka moccasins – join us now! We believe that the best ambassadors for our moccasins are the mommies who want the best for their children and would like others to do the same. We are looking forward for your ideas, suggestions and desires.

Let’s create a unique and individual product your child deserves. We would be pleased to welcome you to the MokaTonka team.